EPT® 出題内容

1. 以下のような簡単な質問を2.3題問われます。(発言内容の審査ではなく発音チェックのための質問です。)
What is your number? 【 → My number is ~ .】
What is the date today? 【 → Today is ( month )(date), (year ).】
2. アルファベットをゆっくりと読み上げます。
3. 短い会話文を読み上げます。
4. 初見の英文(約100ワード強)を30秒間黙読した後、音読します。
5. 課題文を読み上げます。



2022年7月 〜 2022年10月 の課題文を掲載しています。
※ 次回試験の課題文は 2022年11月1日 に更新予定です。



  • ① My Father (Part 2) My father, Murray Neil Baker, was born in 1927 and died in 2020. He was 92 years old when he passed away and had been married to my mother for sixty-three years. Even as my father got older, he was in amazing health. However, this past March, my father was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer that had begun in his lungs and had spread into his bones. My son and daughter and I immediately flew to Seattle to be with him in the hospital. We were at his bedside along with my mother when he passed away just four days later. The suddenness of his passing was a shock, but we will forever be grateful we were able to spend those final days with him. As my father had gotten older, he had begun to write down short stories from his life which he had bound into a little book. I am so grateful for that book and the memories it holds about my father. My children also wrote amazing tributes to him when he died that they posted on Facebook.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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  • ② The Getty Center and Museum The Getty Center and Museum is located in Los Angeles, California and is well known for its architecture, beautiful gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles and, for having one of the finest collections of art in the world. Originally the Getty Museum started in 1954 in the home of J. Paul Getty who was founder of the Getty Oil Company and one of the richest men in the world at that time. Throughout the Getty Center campus there are numerous fountains that provide relaxing water sounds in the background. Approximately 1.8 million people visit annually making it one of the most visited museums in the United States.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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  • ③ Lighthouses There are many historic lighthouses around the United States. Lighthouses typically include a tower with a bright light at the top that serves as an important location beacon for passing ships. The very first lighthouse in recorded history was the famous Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt that was built about 280 B.C. It was 450 feet tall, similar to a 45-story building. The Northern United States has a series of five giant lakes called the Great Lakes that include Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. There are many scenic and historic lighthouses along these lakes. I really enjoy photographing many of these beautiful and historic lighthouses when I am in the area.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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EPT® basic 出題例



  • 1)What’s your number?
  • 2)What’s the date today?
  • 3)Read the alphabet aloud. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • 4)Read the minimal pairs aloud.(15 pairs) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) wrong – long (2) map – mop (3) win – wing
    (4) hard – heard (5) shell – sell (6) been – bean
    (7) age – edge (8) fear – hear (9) couch – coach
    (10) work – walk (11) pull – pool (12) very – berry
    (13) said – sad (14) learn – lean (15) path – pass
  • 5)Read the words aloud.(15 words) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) Japan (2) themselves (3) Tuesday (4) February (5) hungry
    (6) manager (7) delicious (8) theme (9) yellow (10) 1:40
    (11) excuse (12) regular (13) voice (14) leisure (15) chicken
  • 6) Read the conversation aloud. 【EXAMPLE】
    A: I’m home!
    B: Hey, how was your day?
    A: It was great, I ran into John during lunch.
    B: Oh, you did? I haven’t seen John in a long time!
    How is he doing?
    A: He is doing well. He just moved into a new apartment in Boston!
  • 7) Read the phrases aloud. (10 phrases) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) in the morning (2) by the way (3) looks good
    (4) open your heart (5) make an appointment
    (6) beautiful flowers (7) pretty woman
    (8) a phone call (9) heavy rain and strong wind
    (10)sightseeing tour
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