EPT® 出題内容

1. 以下のような簡単な質問を2.3題問われます。(発言内容の審査ではなく発音チェックのための質問です。)
What is your number? 【 → My number is ~ .】
What is the date today? 【 → Today is ( month )(date), (year ).】
2. アルファベットをゆっくりと読み上げます。
3. 短い会話文を読み上げます。
4. 初見の英文(約100ワード強)を30秒間黙読した後、音読します。
5. 課題文を読み上げます。



2019年7月 〜 2019年10月 の課題文を掲載しています。
※ 次回試験の課題文は 2019年11月1日 に更新予定です。



  • ① Cycling in China When I lived in Beijing, China, my primary mode of transportation was riding my bicycle. There were also taxis, buses, and subways that could be utilized, but the most common way of getting around was by bike. I owned two bicycles, the first being an inexpensive one that had a basket on the front. I also strapped a fruit crate on the back, making it convenient to use when going to the market because I could easily carry my groceries home. Some of my colleagues teased me about it being a girl’s bicycle because of the baskets, but I didn’t care because it was very practical. I also had a very expensive mountain bike that I rode most of the time when not shopping. I would go on long rides into the countryside and even rode my bike to the Great Wall of China.
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  • ② Granddad My grandfather, whom I called “granddad,” was a coal miner who lived in the state of West Virginia. One of my favorite stories about him when I was just a young boy was when he had purchased a new pickup truck. My father got into the truck with him to go to town and noticed scratches all over the new metal dashboard. My father asked what had happened to cause all those scratches. Granddad replied, that I had put a bunch of rocks from my pocket up on the dashboard and had scratched it all up. My father said, “Why did you let him do that?” My granddad replied, “He is just a young boy and didn’t know better. It is ok, besides, every time I see those scratches it makes me think of Glen who I love very much.” My granddad was a wonderful man.
    (By Glen)
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  • ➂ Frankenmuth Frankenmuth is a very popular city and tourist attraction in the state of Michigan. The town is like a small Bavarian village, complete with a large Bavarian Inn downtown and a variety of Bavarian themed shops. In fact, the nickname for the city is “Little Bavaria.” It is also home to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, which is the world’s largest Christmas store covering nearly 7.5 acres. The store sells Christmas decorations from all over the world. Also, downtown, there is an amazing and large wooden coverage bridge that is built in the style of the Black Forest river valley in Switzerland. The city hosts a large Bavarian festival in the summer and a snow festival in the winter that includes the United States Collegiate National Ice Carving Championships.
    (By Glen)
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EPT® basic 出題例



  • 1)What’s your number?
  • 2)What’s the date today?
  • 3)Read the alphabet aloud. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • 4)Read the minimal pairs aloud.(15 pairs) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) wrong – long (2) map – mop (3) win – wing
    (4) hard – heard (5) shell – sell (6) been – bean
    (7) age – edge (8) fear – hear (9) couch – coach
    (10) work – walk (11) pull – pool (12) very – berry
    (13) said – sad (14) learn – lean (15) path – pass
  • 5)Read the words aloud.(15 words) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) Japan (2) themselves (3) Tuesday (4) February (5) hungry
    (6) manager (7) delicious (8) theme (9) yellow (10) 1:40
    (11) excuse (12) regular (13) voice (14) leisure (15) chicken
  • 6) Read the conversation aloud. A: I’m home!
    B: Hey, how was your day?
    A: It was great, I ran into John during lunch.
    B: Oh, you did? I haven’t seen John in a long time!
    How is he doing?
    A: He is doing well. He just moved into a new apartment in Boston!
  • 7) Read the phrases aloud. (10 phrases) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) in the morning (2) by the way (3) looks good
    (4) open your heart (5) make an appointment
    (6) beautiful flowers (7) pretty woman
    (8) a phone call (9) heavy rain and strong wind
    (10)sightseeing tour
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