EPT® 出題内容

1. 以下のような簡単な質問を2.3題問われます。(発言内容の審査ではなく発音チェックのための質問です。)
What is your number? 【 → My number is ~ .】
What is the date today? 【 → Today is ( month )(date), (year ).】
2. アルファベットをゆっくりと読み上げます。
3. 短い会話文を読み上げます。
4. 初見の英文(約100ワード強)を30秒間黙読した後、音読します。
5. 課題文を読み上げます。



2024年7月 〜 2024年10月 の課題文を掲載しています。
※ 次回試験の課題文は 2024年11月1日 に更新予定です。



  • ① George Armstrong Custer George Armstrong Custer was an army cavalry officer in the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars. He graduated at the bottom of his class from the famous West Point Military Academy. The Civil War was just beginning, and he joined the army of the North where he quickly distinguished himself as an excellent cavalry soldier. After the war, Custer was sent west to fight the American Indians. He was an overly confident and cocky leader. He led his regiment into battle against a collection of Native American Indian tribes at the Little Bighorn in the Montana Territory. His soldiers were completely massacred in what came to be called “Custer’s Last Stand.” No one survived. The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument commemorates this battle and is a very interesting place to visit.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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  • ② The Tournament of Roses Parade Since 1890, the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA has been a key part of America’s New Year Celebration. The abundance of flowers in Southern California, even in the middle of winter, prompted the founding of a parade with carriages decorated with flowers. More than 130 years later, the beautiful parade floats are a marvel of state-of-the-art technology. The parade always features top marching bands from around the world and has included the Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School Band, the All-Izumo Honor Green Band, and the Japan Honor Green Band from Kyoto. In recent years the Rose parade often begins with an impressive special fly over of one of America’s Stealth Bombers.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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  • ③ Grandparents Andrew and Amanda loved their grandparents very much and would go every summer to Seattle to spend several weeks with them. They would go camping and to the beach in grandpa and grandma’s motorhome. One of grandpa’s favorite keepsakes was a photo I had taken of him walking hand in hand with my daughter, Amanda, when she was older. Last year, my daughter had the wonderful idea of re-enacting a photo that they had taken with grandpa and grandma twenty years earlier when they were young children. So, we did just that. At the time, no one knew that grandpa would unexpectedly die in less than a year. So now, those two photos, taken twenty years apart, are very precious and wonderful reminders of the great love my children had for their grandpa and grandma.
    (by Dr. Glen Baker)
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EPT® basic 出題例



  • 1)What’s your number?
  • 2)What’s the date today?
  • 3)Read the alphabet aloud. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • 4)Read the minimal pairs aloud.(15 pairs) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) wrong – long (2) map – mop (3) win – wing
    (4) hard – heard (5) shell – sell (6) been – bean
    (7) age – edge (8) fear – hear (9) couch – coach
    (10) work – walk (11) pull – pool (12) very – berry
    (13) said – sad (14) learn – lean (15) path – pass
  • 5)Read the words aloud.(15 words) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) Japan (2) themselves (3) Tuesday (4) February (5) hungry
    (6) manager (7) delicious (8) theme (9) yellow (10) 1:40
    (11) excuse (12) regular (13) voice (14) leisure (15) chicken
  • 6) Read the conversation aloud. 【EXAMPLE】
    A: I’m home!
    B: Hey, how was your day?
    A: It was great, I ran into John during lunch.
    B: Oh, you did? I haven’t seen John in a long time!
    How is he doing?
    A: He is doing well. He just moved into a new apartment in Boston!
  • 7) Read the phrases aloud. (10 phrases) 【EXAMPLE】
    (1) in the morning (2) by the way (3) looks good
    (4) open your heart (5) make an appointment
    (6) beautiful flowers (7) pretty woman
    (8) a phone call (9) heavy rain and strong wind
    (10)sightseeing tour
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